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Team 17 - TUCKEY Team
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Board No vs Team   Contract Result Score   Contract Result Score   Net Score Net Imps   Datum NS EW
Board 91: DAWSON Team 3D N9110 3NT N5200   3107   -9053
Board 101: DAWSON Team 4H E10-620 3H W10170   -450-10   -220-9-2
Board 111: DAWSON Team 4S E950 4S E10420   47010   -430100
Board 121: DAWSON Team 2S S10170 1NTX W6-100   702   16002
Board 131: DAWSON Team 4S W10-620 4S W10620   00   -100-1111
Board 141: DAWSON Team 6NT N11-50 6NT N13-1020   -1070-14   290-8-12
Board 151: DAWSON Team 5D S11600 5D S11-600   00   4704-4
Board 161: DAWSON Team 4H W10-620 3H W8-100   -720-12   160-132
Total-17  -220

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