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Team 14 - PAULL Team
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Board No vs Team   Contract Result Score   Contract Result Score   Net Score Net Imps   Datum NS EW
Board 1713: TALL Team 3NT E850 2NT E8120   1705   -2507-4
Board 1813: TALL Team 3H N10170 3NT N10-630   -460-10   610-10-1
Board 1913: TALL Team 2H E8-110 3S N7100   -100   100-55
Board 2013: TALL Team 4H E9100 3NT W9600   70012   -24088
Board 2113: TALL Team 1S E7-80 1NT N6100   201   -10-23
Board 2213: TALL Team 4S N11450 5D N11-400   502   40020
Board 2313: TALL Team 3S E8100 4CX S8500   60012   -60410
Board 2413: TALL Team 3S N8-50 2S N8-110   -160-4   -10-1-3
Total18  318

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