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This is a bridge results portal managed by Peter Busch. Click here for the main Results page for national events in Australia.

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News - March 2023: We have added SSL security to our Bridge Australia club web sites. Without a SSL certificate, many web browsers like Firefox, Chrome and Safari display warnings suggesting that the site is not safe, and this is becoming more and more common as web browsers bring out new versions.

Those club web sites no longer have "www" in their web site domain name.

If you're having trouble reaching your club web site, you can access if from our list of clubs using Bridge Australia web sites.

Clubs with a Bridge Australia web address who are still using Comspcore2 (there's not many) will need to upgrade to Compscore3 (visit the Altosoft web site for details) in order to upload from within the scoring program, or use the Results Upload facility within their web site's Management portal. When uploading with Compscore3, clubs will need the record the new domain name, with "https://" at the start in place of "http://" and no mention of "www.".

For more information, please contact Peter Busch.

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